Tips Before you Call

How to Order

You can either order online, by phone, or by email. Ordering by phone allows you to order custom cut sizes and openings. If you would like to order by phone or email, please read the "Before You call" section first.

Before You Call

We would love to hear from you! Below we have listed a few tips and items that will be useful if you are calling us.

Note: If you are ordering standard products but do not want to pay online, we offer a "Pay by Telephone" option during online checkout that allows you to place an order online and then phone us to arrange payment.

1) Things to have:

  • Measuring tape or ruler for measuring your artwork.
  • A calculator.

2) Things to know:

3) Things we will ask:

  • Your full name and (if applicable) your company name.
  • Your billing and shipping addresses.
  • Your contact phone number.
  • Your payment information (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, check, or money order).

4) Give us a call at 1-800-663-7501! (or email us at

Steps to Placing an Order Online

  1. Selecting: Add items to your cart via the menus.
  2. Checkout: When finished, click on "Checkout".
  3. Registration/Login:
    • Existing customer: Enter your username (probably your email address) and password.
    • Returning customer: Fill out the registration form.
  4. Shipping Address: Select your shipping address (you will be able to enter a separate shipping address, if desired).
  5. Shipping Method: Select a courier and method of shipping.
  6. Payment: You are able to pay by:
    • Mastercard,Visa, Debit Visa, American Express or PayPal
    • Telephone -- this option allows you to place an order online and then phone us to arrange payment.
  7. Confirmation: Confirm and place your order.

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