Why does adding a mat and/or frame enhance are or photographs

Why does adding a mat and/or frame enhance are or photographs

Posted by Myron Arndt on 2023 Jun 19th

Matting and framing can greatly enhance the visual impact of a picture. Here are some key reasons why a picture looks better when matted and/or framed:

  1. Visual Separation: Matting provides a clear separation between the image and the frame, creating a visual boundary that draws attention to the photograph. It prevents the image from blending with the frame, allowing the viewer's focus to remain on the picture itself.
  2. Aesthetic Enhancement: Choosing the right mat and frame can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the photograph. Mats come in various colors, textures, and widths, providing an opportunity to complement or contrast with the image, depending on the desired effect. A well-chosen frame adds a finishing touch, complementing the style and subject matter of the photograph or art piece.
  3. Protection and Preservation: Mats serve a protective function by creating a buffer between the photograph and the glass or acrylic of the frame. This helps prevent direct contact, reducing the risk of smudging, fingerprints, or moisture damage. Matting also allows for airflow, preventing the image from sticking to the glass and causing potential damage over time.
  4. Size and Proportions: Matting can help adjust the perceived size and proportions of art or photographs. By adding a mat around the image, you can create a visual border that makes the picture appear larger and more prominent. Additionally, using a mat can provide a necessary breathing space, preventing the image from feeling cramped within the frame.
  5. Depth and Dimension: Mats add depth to a picture by creating a sense of separation between the image and the glass. This depth adds visual interest and can enhance the three-dimensional quality of the photograph or artwork, especially when combined with strategic lighting.
  6. Focus and Attention: The use of matting and framing can guide the viewer's focus towards the art or photograph's subject or key elements. By selecting the right mat color, width, and frame style, you can effectively direct attention and highlight the most important aspects of the image.

Overall, matting and framing allow you to present your artwork or photograph in a visually appealing and professional manner. It provides protection, enhances aesthetics, adds depth, and directs attention, all of which contribute to a better overall presentation and appreciation of the picture.