Presentation Mat Packs

These packages are designed for the artist, photographer or anyone who has multiple images that they wish to present in a professional manner. Packages are designed to be complete and at a considerable saving over the separate components. Presentation Packages all have standard mat size openings only. For custom openings you must order from our non-package options.

Presentation Packages come in sets of mats complete with backings and clear polybags. We also include acid-free tape to attach your artwork and mats together. (Please note: If ordering more than one Pack at a time - tape may be sent as a combination of dispensers and refill rolls or larger roll size.  If you are ordering packages of mats intended for multiple artists or recipients ie; orders for a group -  you must specify this so that individual rolls are sent with each package) All mats are bevel cut and double mats have a 3/16" reveal.