REVISED AS OF July 15, 2020

Our websites and business continues to operate during this pandemic - although we are seeing some issues with delivery due to the overwhelmed couriers, although we also see some recent improvements in that situation.

Orders can be placed on line including orders for any custom size of mat, frame, glass or backing by using our CUSTOM DESIGN STUDIO at the top of the main menu.

Our staff are still working on shortened hours although we are in full production and for the most part are able to get the supplies we need to continue to meet our shipping deadlines and order requirements.

Some of our staff are still working from home on some days - most notably Mondays and as of this date our phones and offices are CLOSED ON Fridays If you do not get through to us on the phone immediately -you may be transferred to a work at home number and if that is busy - then voice mail. This is also true of the times we are closed so PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL.

Our preferred method of contact is via E-mail at - as that can be responded to by more than one individual.

Our supply chain has opened in most areas allowing for better access to supplies.   If you need something right away - please ask to ensure it is in stock.  We will advise you if we see that you have ordered something that could be a problem.

We are under the impression that  things will continue to return to more normal operation as time goes on -  however we will keep you posted here.  Please email or call if you have a concern or are unable to find something you need.

Our Custom Design Tool  has been helping many of our customers to view, design and order any custom size of mat, frame or complete frame project.  You can even upload an image of your work to see how it will look.  Although the tool allows you to add a quantity of 1 to your shopping cart - you can then adjust that qty in the cart to see what price breaks you can get based on your volume.   Our wholesale prices generally start at 6 or more.

Check here for updates as they are available!  Stay Calm, Stay Safe and Stay connected!


Myron Arndt