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Our websites and business continues to operate during this pandemic - but some disruptions remain..

Due to reduced staff hours and warehouse area reductions - you may experience some delays in response to email questions or phone calls as some calls may be re-directed to off-site staff -  so please be patient as we work through these changes.

If you must contact us - our preferred method is via E-mail at -

Feel free to leave a voice message if calling and if you do not get an immediate answer - we will return your call.

AS OF MAY 1ST, we have ramped up our hours of operation and have been able to add staff.  Furthermore, our supply chain has opened a bit more meaning we are able to start bringing in some items that we have run low on or were completely sold out of.  As a result our orders are now going out both on time and complete for  97% of orders received.  We still have a few items on back order but that is reducing quickly.  If you need something right away - please ask to ensure it is in stock.  We will advise you if we see that you have ordered something that could be a problem.

We do not know how long these measures will remain in place but watch here for further news as we slowly come up to speed.

In the interim - please use our Custom Design Tool to allow you to price and view custom sized mats, backings, glass and frames and to upload your work and see how it looks before ordering.


Myron Arndt