Welcome to the new Matshop.ca

Welcome to the new Matshop.ca

Posted by Myron Arndt on 2018 Aug 2nd

Welcome to Matshop.ca. We hope you like our new look, Canada and we invite your comments and suggestions.and DON'T FORGET TO SAVE 10% ON EVERY ORDER OVER $100 THIS MONTH!

There are some major changes that you will need to be aware of and some great advantages!

1. If you already had an existing on-line account with us you can log in using your email address. However, you will be asked to setup a new password and to re-enter your Billing and Shipping address info.

2. If you are in BC and are PST exempt - please enter the number as well and call or email us to activate your exemption before you place your first order.

3. Your order history from the old site cannot be transferred, but we do have a pdf record of any orders you placed anc can provide that info to you by email at any time - just ask.


Minimum orders as a whole are no more - however there are some qualifications.

1. You will see "retail prices" for most items if you are ordering less than the minimum for that item - usually 6 pieces. That means you can order just 1 - but you will pay a higher price. Wholesale pricing starts at the minimum listed for each item.

2. You can now order combined mats of the same product and it will increase your overall volume for that product for a lower price. For example: If you are ordering Conservation Single Mats, you can combine 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 even with different colors and qualify for a higher discount. If you order 25 8 x 10 and 26 11 x 14 - you will qualify for the price break for orders of 50 mats.

3. Free Shipping still exists for orders over $300. Orders less than $100 may incur a small handling fee and will have to pay shipping.

4. In most cases you can get real-time shipping rates when you place your order!

These are just some of the changes you will notice. Keep us posted on your comments and we will do our best to help make your experience at the Matshop simple and cost effective!