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Posted by Myron Arndt on 2019 Apr 18th

Ever wonder how you as an artist or photographer can do some local marketing on a shoe-string? Well here are some simple tips that anyone can do that will pay dividends.

  1. Have you kept your current customer list updated with what you are doing - sent them a newsletter, card, invitation to your blog or website?
  2. Have you mined your local contacts - friends in business, your favorite restaurant or coffee shop or retail store to help you promote, display or use your work?
  3. Have you been to see the local galleries -do they know who you are, what you do and what style of work you produce - so that if they have a customer looking for work like yours they can make a recommendation - even if they don't represent you?
  4. Do the local frame shops know about you - are they willing to display some of your brochures, invitation to a show or poster?
  5. Have you sent press releases to local magazines, papers and community newsletters about that new work, new studio, exhibition, show or event?
  6. Have you contacted local conference organizers to let them know you have artwork that may suit decor for their upcoming conferences and or could be used to promote your community in their material?
  7. Do local graphic designers - who are often looking for original material for corporate clients, know about your work?
  8. Do local print shops - who often also refer clients who need special artwork to local artists for illustrations -  know who you are?
  9. Have you produced a brochure or business card that captures what you do and provided it to your current list of service providers such as your dentist, doctor, lawyer, therapist, salon or veterinarian?
  10. Lastly, although this is not a complete list, do your family and/or immediate circle of friends know what you do - do they have your business card, do you keep them informed and let them see your recent work?

All of the above form a network that when activated by word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing forms in the world! And all - so close to home!! Have a great week.