Outstanding and Incredibly Easy Award, Achievement and Recognition Frames

Outstanding and Incredibly Easy Award, Achievement and Recognition Frames

Posted by Myron Arndt on 2020 Mar 12th

At the MatShop we do a lot of frames and mats for Award and Recognition programs and know how seemingly difficult this process can be for many organizations.

One of the key issues often involves the mechanics of having some good quality frames on hand to be able to quickly issue and award or recognition and get the certificate into the frame.

We have some great answers for that through the use of our "Easy-Fit Document Frames". These frames can be customized for any size and application but they contain a couple of critical components that make it easy to add the certificate and close up the frame without the use of tools, tape or glues and something that can be done by anyone without any experience.

We use our own unique "Slide-in Mats" that allow you to easily slide your certificate in for a perfect fit. Then you just bend back the closing tabs, drop the matted certificate into our Easy-Fit Frame and close it by simply bending the closing tabs again.

We can of course also provide any number of configurationsas well for custom applications including printing on the mat, creating message boxes for custom designed name plates, adding coins etc.

Want it all done and complete for you? We can do that as well and present you with the finished product.

Whether you need a few frames or hundreds - we can make your programs look fantastic.