Mat Orientation

Mat Orientation

Posted by Myron Arndt on 2019 Mar 6th

Hi Everyone,

We have made a change to some of our popular mat categories to include an option called "Mat Orientation".  After selecting an outside size for your mat (which is now listed as P-8 x 10   L-10 x 8)  which signifies that the mat can be either Portrait at 8 x 10 or Landscape at 10 x 8, we ask you to select portrait or Landscape from the orientation button.

This will help in a couple of ways.

1.  It will ensure that if you are thinking about your opening and ensuring that you match the Opening Width with the Outside Mat Width - you will have the correct orientation.

2.  It will also help to ensure that if you have uneven borders that the mat is created as you expect.

Do not hesitate to contact us or comment on any of these changes and make suggestions.  We are always ready to listen and do our best to help you make your choices and selections that represent your specific needs.