How to pick the right Frame!

How to pick the right Frame!

Posted by Myron Arndt on 2022 Dec 7th

If you have ever walked into a custom picture frame shop - the wall of frame moulding can be enormously intimidating.  There are hundreds of styles, dozens of colors and a ton of finishes that make you feel as though choosing the right frame for your art or photo etc will be almost impossible.

Well here are a few simple tips to get down to the best choice for you quickly - many of which you can do before you even start sifting through the choices.

1.  Define what you are framing

What you are framing can really help to guide your choices.  For example:  If you are framing a diploma or certificate - Imagine it on your wall and you will start to see only the frames that work well for that and hundreds that won't.

2.  Align your personal style with the frames you like

This tip can get you thinking quickly as well.  For example:  Do you like ornate frames, Do you like white and black, or do you see everything in Gold.  

3.  Where is the framed art going to hang?

Again - you are looking around at your environment for the item you are framing and you will know right away what won't fit there.

4.  What are the predominant and secondary colors in your art or photo etc.?

Look at these and they will also guide your decisions

Once you have taken the above tips to heart and made some decisions you will find the process of a final choice much easier.  Of course you need to consider practical tips as well such as budget, size of frame and other add-ons such as mats and fillets or embellishments.

If you are framing work for sale - that required an entirely different set of criteria that we will look at in another post.

In the meantime - Happy Framing!