Fight the Virus Promotion and Ideas

Fight the Virus Promotion and Ideas

Posted by Myron Arndt on 2020 Mar 19th


As a business we are doing what we can do try and help during this unprecedented time in our world. We are working with our employees, suppliers and you our customers to support in any way we can.

One way of course is to offer the best prices we can during a difficult time and that is why we are offering 20% off every single order placed from now until the end of April!  Minimum order of $100 applies.

Another way is to provide you with a tool to help your families survive the "lock down" many are experiencing from have to quarantine, isolate or simply stay home during the crisis.

Along with every order placed during the remainder of March and through April, we will also include 5 - photo art mats and manila backings (Over $30 Retail Value) - absolutely free. These are designed for you or your children to paint, decorate, draw on, add stickers or get creative with and also add a 4 x 6 photo in the opening showing how you are dealing with and persevering through the current world conditions. Add some magnet strip on the back and decorate your fridge!

Further to that - when you send us a picture of your finished creation - along with a photo of you, your family or a depiction of your "survival" tactics, we will enter your name in a draw to win $500 worth of mats, frames or supplies from the Matshop - to be given away in June.

Here are the details of this offer:

- Decorate at least one of the free photo art mats you rec'd. These mats are our Gallery White Double Thick mats and you can use paint, crayons, pens, stickers and much more to create a design on the mat. See some of our samples here.

- Select a picture that represents for you how you are dealing with this virus pandemic. It could be a family picture, an activity you do, your own creations, selfies etc. Place that in the opening of the mat you decorated.

- Take a picture of the finished mat and send it to us via email to:

- In June, we will draw an email from all entries and will award the lucky winner $500 of matshop products.

- There is no purchase necessary - but the recipient of the award must be prepared to provide their details such as Full Name, Address, Phone and certify that they are at least 19 Years of age. Obviously kids can make their creations but parents will have to send in the entries on their behalf. Up to 5 entries are allowed per email address.

Most important of all! Do your best to take care of yourself and your loved ones. The mantra of washing hands, social distancing and isolation is important. We can see from other parts of the world how contagious this virus is and we will need to be diligent until we are through it in our country. The good news is that China seems on back end of the virus and we can only hope that will happen in our area soon.