• Flawboard Backing

    Flawboard Backing

    Flawboard is "flawed" matboard. Commonly it is off white or slightly damaged on one or both sides. Occasionally, however, it comes in a variety of colors or textures. Flaws are typically quite minimal.  When you request flawboard - please...

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  • Manila Board Backing

    Manila Board Backing

    Is approx. half the thickness of our regular matboard. Has a smooth white finish on one side. Excellent backing for mats 11 x 14 and smaller. Looks very good in a poly bag. Inexpensive.

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  • White Cardboard Backing

    White Cardboard Backing

    White one side. Corrugated. About 3/16 inch thick. Provides a more rigid back for larger mats. Inexpensive backing solution - particularly good in small inexpensive framing applications.

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