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Fast-Track: Next Business Day Turnaround


Please see our shipping information page for details on all turnarounds.


Ships the next business day

MatShop's Fast-Track service provides fast turnarounds at no additional charge. Currently it is only limited to the product specified on this page. Orders with product not on this list will be shipped with the normal 4-5 business day turnaround. As you add product to your shopping cart, it will display the approximate turnaround time.

As this service is new, we welcome your feedback to help improve and expand this service.


Fast-Track Product



Questions and Answers

Why can I only get mats in the specified quantites/sizes?
These quantities and sizes allow us to use a full sheet of matboard with no waste nor time involved in dealing with off-cuts and setting up varying quantities, giving us precise cutting and packaging times and ensuring a quicker turnaround.

Can I use Fast-Track along with expedited shipping?
Yes. All shipping options and prices remain the same.

Is there a cut-off time?
No. Orders can be placed any time during the day and will still ship the next day. However, orders placed early in the day (ie, before 11am PST) may ship the same day!

I just need one [non-Fast-Track item] with my order!
To keep our system flowing smoothly with no back-ups, only Fast-Track items will ship the next business day. Feel free to place separate orders if you would like your Fast-Track items faster. As we improve this service, we hope to add additional products to the Fast-Track program.

Thank you for ordering with MatShop!

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