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Stock Mat Colors

We have access to any mat color and type supplied by the major manufacturers, Artique, Berkshire, Crescent and Nielsen Bainbridge. We stock some of the most popular colors for quick turnaround and to ensure availability. Other colors may require extra lead time.

Stock Mat Board Colors

See also our MAToMATic for help in choosing a mat board color.

Turnaround Times
The colors listed here are popular colors we keep on hand for quicker turnaround. We will supply any matboard color from Crescent, Nielsen Bainbridge, or Artique but lead times will differ.

Please see our shipping information page for turnaround details.


Please Note:

  • The colors shown are approximate only. Different monitors will display the colors differently.
  • Specifiers or corner samples can often be consulted at art supply dealers and larger craft stores with custom framing facilities.
  • There are many shades of white and these are impossible to represent on a computer screen.

For a list of the entire line of Essentials Whitecore (Berkshire) Matboard, please visit Berkshire Digital Matboard Specifiers.

Essentials White Core Mats

The following colors are approximated. They will not exactly match the mat provided.

Color Description
# CBW-97 - Polar White Basic off-white
# CBW222 - Smooth White Very white
# CBW251 - Antique White Creamy textured white
# CBW133 - Seashell Sandy White
# CBW450 - Spice Cream with Pepper
# CBWX501 - Papyrus & Cream Light Cream Color
# CBW472 - Silver Smooth Silver
# CBW163 - Oyster Shell Very Lt Gray with Blue Peppered Specks
# CBW160 - Harbor (gray) Blue gray
# CBW802 - Mid Gray Medium gray
# CBW569 - Cinder Dark gray
# CBW221 - Smooth Black Black
# CBW404 - Textured Black Excellent choice in black. Textured
# CBW718 - Valley Green Light green
# CBW361 - Pistachio Light yellow green
# CBW524 - Hunter Green Deep green
# CBW452 - Umber Grey Green
# CBW453 - Dark Olive Olive Green
# CBW334 - Bottle Blue Bright blue
# CBW508 - Ecru Rich Cream
# CBW556 - Terra Cotta Warm Southwest Brown
# CBW131 - Midnight Blue Dark, navy type of blue
# CBW518 - Pear Earthy orange
# CBW577 - Classic Gold Metallic
# CBW110 - Buttercup Bright yellow
# CBW710 - Aged Oak Oak brown
# CBW252 - Cappuchino Dark brown
# CBW800 - Hot Pink Bright pink
# CBW550 - Cardinal Red
# CBW459 - Deep Red Deep red
# CBW038 - Maroon Maroon red
# CBW120 - Purple Iris Deep Purple
# CBW455 - Aqua Blue Light Blue
# CBW530 - Everglade Teal Green
# CBW152 - Tangerine Orange

Black Core Mats

The following are Essentials Black Core mats.

Color Description
# CB6-97 - Polar White A slightly off-white, black core mat
# CB6-277 - Smooth Black Excellent choice for a black mat with a black core
# CB6-450 - Spice Peppered Cream with a Black Core

Antique Conservation (Archival) Mats

The following are Artique conservation quality mats.  For a complete color specifier of available mats click here!

Color Description
# A4901 - White Our most useful white. A hint of cream.
# A4977 - Digital White A stark white
# A4801 - Parchment A solid cream
# A4875 - Coal Excellent choice for black
# A4845 - Fern Soft green
# A4854 - Miro Deep red
# A4859 - Stonehenge Medium gray
# A4942 - Sky Light blue

Rag (Cotton Archival) Mats

The following are Crescent conservation quality mats.

Color Description
# 1613 - Very White A stark white
# 1609 - Antique White White with a touch of warmth
# 1610 - White White
# 1602 - Silver Gray A very light, speckled gray
# 1550 - Newport Blue Dark, navy blue
# 1577 - Raven Black Excellent choice for black.

8 Ply (Thick Archival) Mats

The following are Artique 8 Ply conservation quality mats.

Color Description
# A84901 - White Our most useful white. A hint of cream
# A84977 - Digital White A stark white
# A84802 - Oyster Cream
# A84969 - Night Black
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